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Down Under Motorcycle Tours
Simply the BEST Way to see Albany's Unique Scenery

Some Comments From Our Guest Book

The thrill of speed, the wind in your hair, what a life!
Good work guys, worth the money - Mandy
The greatest adrenalin rush ...Ever - Charlz
10 out of 10! A Five Star Service - Clayton Reed
Wow! It's absolutely amazing, very highly recommended by me, especially at night - Richard
Many thanks. A rare experience, really great. - Dorrie Anderson and Elsie Bairstow, Glen-Craig Aged Care Albany
It just tickles your toes! - M. Webb, Mt Barker
That was great. best tour of Albany - A. Meyer
Fantastic and definately would do it again. Recommend it to anyone. Greatest half an hour spent ever for someone from Sydney
I'm still shaking from the sheer thrill of the ride - Margaret Tilbury
An EX way to spend the afternoon - Sharon
One of my many thrills in life. I enjoyed it. Thank You. - Miss Weston, 100th Birthday
First time in my life and I'm a grandma. Wonderful - P. Ripley
Truly exhilarating! I recommend this ride to the young and old! An experience I'll remember.
Excellent fun! No fear! Professinally run company - Donna Golding, Melbourne, Vancouver, Canada
Today was the day. I recommend it to anyone. - Vicount and Vicountess de Marigny, Mauritius
Hi, we are from Indonesia. The ride was very fantastic, the people very friendly.
Really enjoyed the ride, wouldn't have missed it for anything. On holiday from Scotland - Margaret Findly


Blind girl Kirby exclaimed it was wicked. Mum enjoyed it too! Kirby went solo too! Jackie and Kirby

A great ride around the town and over the mountain - Excellent.

Very Good, in fact it was excellent. Thank You - Ashleigh

First time on a Harley! What an excellent experience - Thanks guys - Mubi

Cool  Ride! We'll go faster next time - Keryl - SA

It is a real head spin , WOW! Great Thrill - Dianne and Michael

Words can't describe it - Just Brill - Tom

Was wicked, especially speeding up and getting put back in your seat. Comfy as too - Gemma

It was a wicked trip. Loved the whole thing - Sam

Bob was really great. Best thrill for the season. Thanks - J. White

The boys thought it was magic, ages 3 6. Mum and dad too - Gary Dibble

Takes me back - thanks for a terrific thrill - Trish George

A reminder of days long ago. Most enjoyable. - Stan Davies - Gen- Craig Village

Great bike. Great ride. Very enjoyable for a supergran - B&G Huges, Perth

Many thanks. I want wait until I see yas again - Georgina, Katanning

Absolutely Brilliant - Daphne, Mt Barker

I could get used to that throbbing. You beauties. - K& L Eagls, Bunbury
Unreal. Ride of a Lifetime

On behalf of me myself and I, I sincerely thank you for a splendid ride - Ann
Wicked! Worth the money for sure! Waht a blow out, we went sooo fast. I went with my friend Rachael. Wicked!
Wonderful. Such Freedom! - Melanie, Bremer Bay
Brilliant!! Something everyone should try at least once! - Christine and Darryl, Perth
Wow! It can't be summed up in words. I loved it. Hot Diggerty Dog! - Robyn, Bunbury
First time on a Harley. The best thrill for years. Great time.
Good Fun - Mackay Dunfries, Scotland
Blew the Cobwebs away. Absolutely fantastic - M.Copeland, Narrogin
Thanks for a great ride. It was fantastic seeing Albany from a different view! - David & Dohlfolie
The best feelings I've ever had! Thanks Tony for that. See ya next time I want a ride. - Andrea
Very Enjoyable. First time since I ws eighteen. - Helen
What a thrill! Thank You for the fabulous birthday ride. The best ever present! - Sue
Fantastic Ride with great company and fine view. "Do it everyday if I could" Kids didn't stop smiling!

It took me long enough to get around to the most thrilling ride I;ve ever had. Awesome, I loved it. I might become a Harley Chick. Thanks heaps, I'll be back for more for sure - Janine

Hell- The best thrill of my life - Brendan

An excellent ride to Mt barker, really recommendable. Kevin, you were great. Thanks heaps. We'll tell everyone to go on the same tour.- Ian and J'net Filgate

Flaming Fantastic Bob! I'll have a Quick Thrill anytime. - Pam

Boy thatb is the best thing after a big night. - Elenor

You're a total thriller Kevan, Two jigs and me fly! I felt safe when we skimmed the corners. Also glad you didn't let my friend Jenny beat us! - Margaret, Willetton.

Great views, great feelings, you can feel the power and strength. A real Thrill - John, Scotland

Fabulous Ride and great experience. - Kevin

The Trike is absolutely gorgeous, that is the real meaning of 'cruise' - Jules Miller

It was an absolute thrill and I have never has so much fun in my life. Thanks Tony - Bree, Quairading

It was wicked and I would love to come back and ride again. Thank You it was great. - N. Maumand

Great Ride - Best in Western Australia , Thanks - Luke

Fantastic! What a lovely way to wake up. Big bikie telling me to get up and go. Kids rid of me cheap! Great - Jill and Geoff
It was really fun! I enjoyed it. I'd like to thank the people who came to give us rides. harley's are great fun! I hope you come again next year for the Jerry Show. Thank You - Seffani Felesina, Jerramungup

Fantastic! It's addictive! - Netta, Perth
Excellent! Totally Awesome! - Liz, Katanning
Choice! Best Joyride ever. - Jasmine
Fan-bloody-tastic - Hooked! - Sue-Anne, Kalimunda
Great way to see the town. Thanks for the trip. - Rhonda
A fantastic way to travel, the kids loved it
Tracey loved the ride from Middleton Beach. Brilliant Job guys. Great chat with the driver too.- Brooke
Had a brilliant ride1 Ya hoo. Well worth it. Thanks Bob - Sara
Tony was absolutely wonderful. Best thrill I have had for years!!! - S.Biluil
I didn't go long enough! Brilliant fun, thanks - Pam
Excellent, great experience. Best thing I have ever been on. Chris, Perth
What a way to have your first bike ride? Wonderful - Patsy, Glasgow
Thrilling ride, Really, really good. Thanks - Ray, Shirley, Sarah, UK
Great Fun - I'll be back again soon - Marnie, Perth
Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. Will recommend it to all - Ian
You have a wicked Trike. Thanks a billion, it was well worth it. My first time ever and it was thrillimg. - Sera, Manjimup
Woo Hoo! What a ride! I loved my first ever Harley ride!! Great views, speed, speed ,speed. Thank You- Fiona, Melbourne
Best Ride Ever! - Steve, Ireland

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